By the end of the 90’s, a famous Chef Concierge designed Concierge Organizer for his own needs. His skill, his experience and his knowledge laid the strong foundations of the application.

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Cogifor develops and edits Concierge Organizer for more than 15 years.

The team Cogifor is keen on developing and making evolve the solution according to Concierges expectations, needs and practices.
Our developments are all built and thought through so that the solution meets the excellence expected in the Luxury hotel industry all over the world.

These both consistency of quality and reliability makes Concierge Organizer a reference in Palaces and 5 Stars hotels luxury standards for years.

Cogifor is a Digital Services Company, founded by Johann Braud in 2007. Cogifor designs tailored solutions for many companies of all sizes.
Close to its customers and partners, driven by strong services values, Cogifor’s internal structure allows very short response time.

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Dedicated assistance

Our Schools partners

We are partners of prestigious luxury hotel schools and training courses. We work with the educational teams and offer Concierge Organizer to the students from the beginning of their studies. Thus, they are immersed into the reality of their future profession with a reference tool !
FPE school in Toulouse or Ici Icare Paris and Ici-Icare Antibes are our school partners.

Our Trading Partners

We have developed a network of partners with who we enrich our services list.
Thus, as more as this network grows, our customers are able to benefit of these associations with hotels providers thanks to interesting options. (integrations with Limo providers)

Our partners
Clefs d'Or

We are proud to be UICH Les Clefs d’Or and les Clefs d’Or France long term partners.
These prestigious associations built around strong values such as excellence, quality, service and friendship match perfectly with our state of mind.
We develop since 2014, for UICH Les Clefs d’Or only, the International Digital Directory composed with 4 000 members all around the world.