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We share common interests :
We share the same values as concierges and luxury hotel industry employees :
be at the service of our customers and be efficiency.

Our developments are based
on your needs and issues.

Our Engagements

Once you have subscribed,

you receive the url of the application within 2 working days max.

A member of our team dedicated to your installation will assist during all the settings. You master your business, we master the whole application : together we adapt the tool to the specific features of your property and customise it to your own needs.

This personalized support at the beginning of the partnership allows the concierge to navigate easily in the settings and become independent in case of simple modifications if necessary.

Afterwards, our technical support team sets up the more technical parts of the settings (confirmation templates for example).

This service is included, no extra charge for this assistance.

If you have chosen to connect Concierge Organizer with other applications, the technical setup is a little bit longer due to coordination between IT departments and function tests that the links require.

Training times are calculated according to the number of accesses you have subscribed to.

Most of time, training is done when the setting is completed. Thus, users start using their Concierge Organizer application as close as possible to the future use. Concierge Organizer is user-friendly : less than 2 hours of training are necessary to use the tool properly.

We follow you regularly during the first weeks. We complete the first steps in Concierge Organizer with a final training, with a slightly more advanced level.

In addition, our support team is available to help you without any extra fees.

Once you are a Member
what happens?

Concierge Organizer evolves according to Desk operations needs and changes.
We meet or contact
you each time it is necessary.


Club Concierge Organizer

Each year, we organize “Clubs Concierge Organizer” in different areas (France, Switzerland mostly) where we invite our customers: Concierges, Front Office Managers, General Managers but also anyone interested in learning more about our application. The idea is to meet our customers, collect new requirements and showcase our upgrades.
We organize about 3 meetings per year.

3 purposes :

  • Meet/Exchanges
  • Collect new needs
  • Showcase Upgrades

Clefs d'Or International Congresses

We are proud to be UICH Les Clefs d’Or and Les Clefs d’Or France long term partners.

We are involved in these Associations in many ways. We always take the Congresses opportunity to interact with concierges and improve our knowledge of their environment.

What is included in our subscription ?

Our positioning is summed up below.
Subscription : Whatever the size of your hotel – International group or independent hotel with few keys – the service we offer is the same.
Our services are strictly the same whatever the size of your hotel. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a quote.

All Features
1-2 concierges
1 License
All Features
2-3 concierges
2 licenses
All Features
3-4 concierges
3 licenses
All Features
4-5 concierges
4 licenses
All Features
Desks with Front office and Back office
Up to 10 users connected at the same time
All Features
Desks with Front office and Back office
Unlimited accesses
All Features