Concierge Organizer as
a reference in Luxury hotels for more than 15 years

Concierge Organizer is an application
used in luxury hotels for more than 15 years.

20 out of 31 French Palaces work with Concierge Organizer.

Digitalizing Reception Services.
For what purpose ?

The question is recurrent every year when it is time for the seasonal budgets. The benefits that digitalization provides are countless. The hospitality industry was in the forefront in digitalization with Property Management Systems (PMS).

Hotels would not work without this tool nowadays.

Overall reception and stewardship topics are gathered in the hotel PMS. Services issues and Guests’ services requests are gathered in a concierge application. These tools have not the same function but are complementary.

We have listed several 3 different categories of digital tools for services management :

  • Platforms that bring together all the hotel’s professional categories in a single
    application – offering necessarily more generic services –
  • Tools that rely on algorithms that calculate what is most appropriate for
    guests – with sometimes major inconsistencies –
  • And Concierge Organizer, bespoke application for Front and Back Desks, designed
    to improve the quality of services provided by Concierges, local culture

The combination of Concierge Organizer and concierge expertise adds value to the concierge Desk and Reception in general.

Fields of activity where Concierge Organizer is used

Luxury Hotels

Concierge Organizer has been initially designed for this industry. Concierges and Guest relations Agents embody the promise of tailor-made services. Designed by a famous and experienced Head Concierge in the late 90's the application is widely marketed for more than 15 years.
The application always evolves according to needs, expectations and new work methods for hospitality jobs. Concierge Organizer is built to help concierges succeed their missions at best while considering the expected requirements of the sector and the very demanding Guests.

We supply Hotel Groups, Palaces, Hotels of any size and Collections.

Event Management and Private Concierge Companies

Because the application is flexible and highly adaptive to specific needs, Private Concierge companies and Events Companies use Concierge Organizer to manage private happenings or prestigious international events for iconic brands all over the world.

This use highlights Concierge Organizer efficiency and its potential for customization and use.

Benefits for :